Samuel Heinrich Bolejack (B5)


Samuel Heinrich Bolejack (B5) was born 09 Nov 1771 in Bethania, Surry Co., NC.  The Bethania Church Book records, "1771 Samuel Heinrich, Joseph Ferdinand and Charlotte Bulitschek's son, born the 9th of Nov. in Bethania.  Baptized the 10th of the same month in an open meeting by Br. John Michael Graff.  Sponsors were Joh. Jac. and Catherine Juliana Ernst and Philipp Transou/Transon."  After tending school, he engaged in farming.

He married Martha Martin (B5/W/, born 26 Dec 1769 near Moravian Falls, Wilkes Co., NC., daughter of Abraham and Sally/Sarah (_________) Martin) on 10 Aug 1795 in Stokes Co., NC.  Bondsman was her father Abraham Martin and the witness was Christopher Lash. 

The family appeared in the 1800 Stokes Co., NC. census with 1 m 26-45 (Samuel), 1 m under 10 (_________), and 1 f 26-45 (Martha).  There may have been another son as there is an unaccounted older male in the 1820 census, or they may have had a servant or nephew living with them.

Samuel's name seems to have changed from Bullitschek to Bolejack about 1810.

The family appeared in the 1810 Surry Co., NC. census with 2 m 0-10 (Samuel & Abraham), 1 m 26-45 (Samuel), 2 f 0-10 (Martha & Sarah) and 1 f 26-45 (Martha).  They also had 2 slaves.

Samuel purchased 150 acres of land in Surry Co., NC. for $450 from John Meglemere on 12 Aug 1816 (Bk N, 288)

Samuel served as witness at the signing of the will of John Sater in Surry Co., NC. on 16 Aug 1820.  Samuel was willed $150 from the estate of his brother Joseph, but Samuel had died before Joseph died in 1846. 

The family appeared in the 1820 Surry Co., NC. census with 1 m 45+ (Samuel Sr.), 2 m 18-26 (Samuel Jr. & _________), 1 m 16-18 (Abraham), 1 f 45+ (Martha), and 2 f 10-16 (Martha & Sarah).  The older male have been a hired hand or perhaps there was another son.  Samuel also seems to have had three slaves.

Samuel and Martha sold her share of the estate that she received from her father on 14 Dec 1826 in Stokes Co., NC. (Bk 9, 192)                                             Samuel Bowlerjack appeared in the 1830 Surry Co., NC. census with 1 m 50-60 (Samuel), 3 f 20-30 (Martha, Sarah & _________), and 1 f 60-70 (Martha).

Samuel died 09 Sep 1844 in Stokes Co., NC.  Other sources list his death date as 09 Oct 1844.  He was buried in __________ Co., __.  On 14 Feb 1845, Elisha Banner was appointed administrator of the estate in Surry Co., NC. court with William Zachary, Jno H. Jackson, Stephen Harper, Jacob Brower, and Josiah Fippin as bondsmen.  The estate included a variety of household and farming goods as well as 15 slaves:  Silva/Silvy (6), Charry (33), Lewis (45), John (37), Riley (18), Nicholas (16), Miles (17), Calvin (9), Alexander (11), Abraham (8), Ben (3), Jacob (2), Lewis (few months), Amy (14), Sarah (12). 

On 12 Mar 1845, the Commission of the North Carolina Court allocated the following property to the widow Martha Bolejack:  a year's support for herself and family, all corn on hand (c. twenty barrels), one bed, one cow and calf of her choice, one red & white spotted steer, five hogs, one Baker, one pot, one small oven, one tea kettle, one dish, six earthen plates, one set knives and forks, one set cups and saucers, one water bucket, all the poultry except the geese, and the sum of $52.75.

At the estate sale on 14 Mar 1845, Widow Martha Bolejack bought 1 tub, a shovel, tongs, a skillet, irons, 1 chest, 1 table, 1 bed, 1 sheep skin, 6 chairs, 1 block, 1 cow, 1 horse, 1 mare, 2 steers, 1 bull, 1 organ, 1 set of knives, 1 jug, 1 still & parts, 4 kegs, 2 barrels, 2 hogs heads, 4 hogs, 1 sow & 2 pigs.  Michael Moser (B5c/H/) bought one lot of irons, a lot of tools, one tub, 1 lathe, plates and cups, 1 bed and assorted furniture, 2 3/4 bushels flax seed, 1 gun stock, one loom, 1 plane, 2 squares, and 1 draw knife from the estate.  Samuel Bolejack (B5A) bought 3 plows, 6 planes, 2 pots, 1 skillet, 1 lot iron, dishes & cups, 1 cupboard, 1 bed, 1 folding top table, 1 bedstead, 2 tubs, 1 colt, 1 hay fork, 1 wheel, 3 handsaws, 1 tub, books, and other items.

Fourteen slaves from the estate were sold on 15 Sep 1845 for $4,900.  Sarah (Bolejack) Edmondson bought Nicholas for $576.  Abraham Bolejack bought Amy for $481.  The widow Martha Bolejack bought Sarah for $440 and Silva for $280.  Another slave Lewis who was absent at the first sale was sold to Michael Moser on 12 Jan 1846 for $200.   

In May 1847, the final settlement of the estate took place.  The total value of the estate was $5,378.80.  After deducting debts against the estate, $3,845.36 remained.

Martha moved to Kingsville, MO. with her children in 1849.  The land in the area resembles the rolling hills of Stokes County from which they came.  A letter from a settler in 1840 to relatives in North Carolina described the area as a "cickly cuntry" that lacked "a heape of being the cuntry it was said to be."  The woman advised them to stay in North Carolina.  Compared to the relative civilization of North Carolina, the back woods of Missouri must indeed have seemed a difficult place to live.

She appeared in the 1850 Johnson Co., MO. census.  She made her will on 10 Nov 1854 in Johnson Co., MO.  She gave one slave Sarah to her son Samuel Bolejack and two slaves Charry and Silvy to her daughter Sarah H. Duncan (crossed out) Edmonson.  Her other two children were not mentioned in the will.  She died 03 Sep 1855 at Kingsville, Johnson Co., MO.  She was probably buried in Bluff Springs Cemetery near Kingsville, Johnson Co., MO.  Her will was proved 18 Sep 1855.  Samuel Bolejack received letters of administration, but Amos Perry was listed as administrator of the estate in Sep 1857.  The estate consisted of slaves Sarah age 24 ($900), Charry age 6 ($500), John age 2 ($250), and Sylva age 18 ($900).  The lawyer Archibald W. Ridings began a civil action against Samuel Bolejack and Sarah H. Edmondson to set aside the will of Martha (Martin) Bolejack on behalf of Abraham Bolejack and Martha Mosier who received nothing from the estate of their mother.  During the Oct 1860 of the Johnson Co., MO. court, the sheriff was directed to sell slaves from the estate of Martha.  The six slaves (two women Sarah and Sylva, two girls Charry and Jane and two boys John and Elijah) were sold on 16 Oct 1860 to Welcome Hodges for $4,325.  On 29 Apr 1861 in Polk Co., OR., Abraham Bolejack signed papers granting power of attorney to Martin Rice of Jackson Co., MO.  No final ruling on the court case has yet been found.




Samuel and Martha had four children:  A.  Samuel Henry Bolejack   B.  Abraham Bolejack  C.  Martha "Patsy" M. (Bolejack) Moser   D.  Sarah H. (Bolejack) Edmondson.