Matthaus Gottfried Bullitschek (B7)


Matthaus Gottfried Bullitschek (B7) was born 19 Mar 1778 at the Bullitschek farm near Germantown, Stokes Co., NC.  The Bethania Church Book records, "Mathhaus Gottfried, Joseph Ferdinand and Maria Charlotta Buitschek's little son born the 19th of March of this year, baptized the 22nd of the same month in an open meeting in Bethania by Br. John Jac. Ernst.  Sponsors were Philipp and Maria Magdalena Transou and Gottfried Grabs."  He was bondsman for the marriage of his sister Elizabeth Bolejack (B4) to William Francis in 1798.  He received $150 from the estate of his brother Joseph Bolejack in 1846.  He married Martha Francis (B7/W/, born __ ___ 17__ in __________ Co., __., daughter of __________ and _________ (_________) Francis) on __ ___ 1800 (?) in __________ Co., NC.  Witnesses were Matthew Bolejack and Joel Merritt.  Other sources list her name as Martha Merritt.  They appeared in the 1800 Stokes Co., NC. census with 1 male 16-26 (Matthew), 1 female 26-45 (Martha) and 3 females under ten.  If they were married in 1800, it seems unlikely that these are their children.  Much of the information on this family and descendants is speculation.       

A Matthew Bolejack signed a petition on 28 July 1806 from the citizens of Carter Co., TN. for a wagon road "from the boundary line of North Carolina, at or near Roanes Creek Iron Works , about . . . four miles across the Stone Mountain, to meet the road leading down the south fork of Roane Creek by siad works to Edward Smith's, and from thence opening about two and one-half miles to join the main road on Watauja through Elizabethton (TN.) . . . .  By the Occonomicald disposition of two hundred dollars combined with our own exertions, we will be enabled to effect the opening of the road."

A Matthew Bolijack (age 50-60) with 1 female under 5 (__________), 1 female 20-30 (__________), and 1 female 50-60 (Martha) appeared in 1830 Warren Co., TN. census.  They had no slaves.  Beside them appeared Samuel Bolejack with 1 male 15-20 (Samuel), 1 female 20-30 (his wife ?) and 1 female under 5 (their child ?).  This is assumed to be Matthew's son.

Matthew died __ ___ 18__ in __________ Co., __.  Martha died __ ___ 18__ in __________ Co., __.  They were buried in __________ Co., __.  They seemed to have had two children:  A.  Matthew Gottfried Bolejack, Jr.   B.  Samuel Bolejack.