Joseph Bullitschek, Jr. (B1)


Joseph Bullitschek/Bolejack (Jr) (B1) was born 12 Feb 1763 in Lititz, Lancaster Co., PA.  His baptism, recorded in the Moravian Church records in Lititz, Lancaster Co., PA., reads, "Brother Joseph and Charlotte Bullitschek's little son and first child, born Saturday the 12th of February in the morning about 9 o'clock in Lititz, and baptized into Jesus' death, Sunday the 13th in the Children's Services (Kinderstunde) by Brother Krogstrup.  The workers (male and female) present at the service were sponsors at the baptism." 

Joseph moved with his family to Bethabara, NC. and later Bethania.  On 01 Feb 1784, church records include notes of a doctor, "About 3 o'clock Joseph (Bullitscheck) Jr. came to take me to his sick brother, Johannes.  I stayed with him all night." 

On 29 Oct 1792, Joseph Jr. and Sr. purchased 10 acres of land and a mill on Townfork of the Dan River north of Wachovia from William Fallis/Follis for 55 pounds.  Joseph was unmarried, remaining with his father until Joseph Sr.'s death in 1801.  Joseph Jr. was named co-executor of the estate along with his mother.  He received half interest in the mill one mile from Germantown and surrounding land, part of the tools from his father, and a share from the sale of land on Muddy Creek.  He continued to live in the home place. 

He apparently built a new house or enlarged the old house of his father near Germantown.  In 1987, the house was owned by the Clyde Thomas and Irma K. Hartgrove when it burned.  The newspaper article at the time of the fire stated that the house was believed to have been built around 1850 by Joseph Ferdinand Boleyjack.  This however was not possible as both Joseph Ferdinand and Joseph Jr. were both dead by 1850.  Stories tell that the house actually enclosed part of a much older cabin.

He appeared in 1800 Stokes Co., NC census with 1 m 26-45 (Joseph, Jr), 1 m 45+ (probably his father Joseph, Sr who died in 1801), 1 f under 10 (_________), 1 f 26-45 (his sister Ann Mary B3), and 1 f 45+ (probably his mother Charlotte).

He appeared in the 1820 Stokes Co., NC. census with 1 m under 10 (_________), 1 m 45+ (Joseph) and 1 f 45+ (his sister Ann Mary B3).  He was listed in the 1830 Stokes Co., NC. census with his unmarried sister Ann Mary and William Asberry Bolejack (B2C2) whom Joseph seems to have raised after the rest of William's family moved to Tennessee.  The 1840 Tyrrell Co., NC. census listed a group that seems to be Joseph but it is unclear why he would be in Tyrrell County: 1 m (Joseph ?) & 1 f 70-80 (Ann Mary ?) and 1 m (William Asberry ?) & 1 f ( ? ) 20-30, and 9 slaves.  Joseph made his will 20 Dec 1838 in Stokes Co., NC.  William Asberry was the primary beneficiary of Joseph's will.  Joseph also named his sister Mary Ann (B3), his brother Samuel Bolejack (B5), the seven children of his deceased brother John Bolejack (B2), his sister Elizabeth (Bolejack) Francis (B4) and his brother Matthew Bolejack (B7).  Joseph died 09 or 24 Sep 1846 in __________ Co., NC.  He was buried in the Bolejack Cemetery in Forsyth Co., NC.