Anna Maria Bullitschek (B3)


Anna Maria Bullitschek (B3) was born Friday 30 Jan 1767 in the evening after 8 o'clock in Lititz, Lancaster Co., PA.  Lititz Church Book records, "Br. and Sr. Joseph Ferdinand Bullitschek's, Joiner (builder) in Lititz, and his wife Charlotte, born Haller, first little daughter and third child, was born on Friday the 30th of January, in the evening after 8 o'clock, and baptized into the death of Jesus on Sunday the 1st of February, in the Children's Meeting by Br. Grube.  Sponsors were the grandparents Henry and A. Maria Haller, Br. and Sr. Jacob and Dor. Meyer and Single Sister Elizabeth Boerster."  She was admitted to the Moravian Society in 1786 at Bethania, NC.  When her father made his will in 1799, it stated, "Ann Mary, who was not yet married, shall have out of my estate, one horse creature and two cows with their calves as her sole property forever."  She also received other distributions from the estate.  After the deaths of her parents, she was housekeeper for her brother Joseph, Jr. (B1)  She also cared for William Asbury Bolejack (B2C2), son of William C. Bolejack.  Anna received two hundred dollars, seventy-five acres of land, and a slave Lucy from the estate of Joseph Bolejack, Jr. (B1).  She seems to be the female with her single brother in the 1820, 1830, and 1840 Stokes Co., NC. census.  She died __ ___ 1___ (after 1846) in __________ Co., __.  She was buried in __________ Co., __., probably in the Bullitschek Cemetery near Germantown, Stokes Co., NC.