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    I. NAME
         The name of this association shall be: Bullitschek Family Association.

         A. To learn more about family heritage and specific ancestors.
         B. To strengthen lines of communication and renew acquaintances.
         C. Provide an orderly process whereby family members may contact other family members.
         D. Publication of a bulletin of general information about the family.
         E. To have a joyful gathering.
         F. Compile, collect and update family history.


         Any person who is a descendant of Joseph Ferdinand Bullitschek, Sr., born in 1729 in Bohemia, came to America in l754 and died in 1801 in Germantown, N. C.  This includes spouses and any legal member of the family.

    V. DUES
         There shall be annual dues of $10.00. The year will be from June 1 through May31.

         There shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, historian, reunion coordinator, Newsletter Editor and Web Coordinator. This group of officers shall be called the Association Committee. Any business decisions that need to be made during the year should be made after a conference with the committee.      Duties of these officers shall be as follows:

    A. PRESIDENT - shall conduct annual meeting and shall work together with the reunion coordinator. A business meeting shall include: Memory Time - members are encouraged to bring scrapbooks, family histories, albums, historical documents, and other memorabilia. A Moment of Remembrance shall be observed - for deceased members since the last reunion and Recognition Time for the oldest, youngest, and the one who traveled the farthest, or whomever you decide should be recognized. Encourage participants to make suggestions on ways the Reunion can be improved.

    B. VICE-PRESIDENT - To assist the president and to conduct the business meeting in the absence of the president.

    C. SECRETARY - Keep accurate minutes of business meeting. Write thank you notes. Send the president, historian and newsletter editor a record of minutes of the business meetings.

    D. TREASURER - Collect all monies. Keep records and give a report at the annual meeting of the membership.


    1. Maintain file for Historical records.
         A. Minutes of annual business meetings.
         B. Copy of each issue of the BULLETIN.
         C. Copies of reunion brochures.
         D. Newspaper clippings.

    2. Report at the Annual Reunion


    A. The Reunion coordinator shall be elected annually and shall reside in the area of the location of the Reunion, if possible.
    B. Primary responsibility is the organization of the Reunion.
    C. Arrange housing, food accommodations, entertainment,
         1. Motel selected as headquarters, with sufficient rooms to accommodate Reunion participants, and meeting rooms for family gatherings, display of charts.
         2. Place where other gatherings, entertainment or appropriate tours would be available. Swimming pool, ancestral buildings, etc.
         3. Site where there are several options for meals.
         4. Reasonable costs.
    D. Provide details of the Reunion plans by March 1st for publication in the Bulletin, including:
              1. Motel cost and how to register.
              2. Any pertinent deadline.
              3. Schedule events in consultation with the Association Committee.
              4. Special activities available- specify time, place, cost,  etc.
    E. Identification tags.
    F. Photo time.
    G. Printed schedule of events.

    Will keep the membership informed on all pertinent information that concerns the family including marriages, births, deaths, special accomplishments that have been turned in for publication and all plans for the Reunions.

    The web coordinator shall pursue the installation of the family web page and the upkeep of the website

    There shall be an annual meeting during the 4th weekend in June.

    The Association Committee shall make recommendations for the Reunion site for the coming year, and make recommendations for the officers for the next term. The membership will vote on these recommendations.

    By-Laws Updated 6/26/21